A little about me...

Well, first off, my name is Josh, and I am from Northern California. I started working with computers around the same time I started playing music. At 8 years of age, my grandfather gave me my first computer with a 386 CPU and 512kb of RAM. That was about 22 years ago. Since then, I have been obsessed with computers.

That obsession eventually turned towards doing some more, say, nerdy things. I learned BASIC (a rudimentary programming language) at 9, and soon after started experimenting editing my games using hex-editors and things like that. For the most part, tinkering with a computer was a hobby until I learned that I could combine my love of music and my love of computers. I was introduced to electronic music, and the production thereof, around 13 years old, and in-turn, made me step up my technical game to learn how to use this to my advantage. This also came around at the dawn of high-speed internet, which kept me busy fixing people's computers and removing viruses.

Some years later I would start my career in telecommunications and web hosting. Around 19 I started work at SBC (which actually re-branded as AT&T while I was working there), which led to a solid career and many years spent travelling to and from the bay area, working for different corporate entities and projects. During that time, I have had the chance to work with a great group of leaders, technicians, and programmers on projects ranging from MPLS VPNs to setting up LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) servers from scratch, and everything in between.

With my exposure to web servers came my exposure to Linux. In early 2007 I started working in Stockton for Nationwide Internet (formerly InReach Internet), and was working with web servers and DNS servers daily. I started using Linux at home in my daily life, and still use it to this day on every system that I own. The concepts brought up to me while working with Linux taught me to appreciate what the open-source/free software community is really about, and that brought me to another junction in my life; my foray into community software.

The project that I am proud to say that I am a part of right now is the France-based PlayOnLinux project, which is a front-end for Wine (a program that allows Windows software to run on Linux and OSX). I started using PlayOnLinux when I first discovered Linux and wanted some of my favourite games to play on Linux. Now, at that time, it was not as robust as it is now in 2015, but it still did a lot. The PlayOnLinux project really stuck out to me as the best option to pair with Wine to have a good experience with this particular software. After a while, I became increasingly interested in becoming a part of the project, so I started writing scripts for music software for PlayOnLinux (like Ableton Live, Reason 5, NI Guitar Rig, FL Studio, WineASIO, etc.), and eventually, after talking with the rest of the team, I was brought on as a staff member in 2013. Today, I continue to write scripts and contribute bug fixes and translations when possible.

Quite a few years and many miles later, I have decided not to continue with my career in telecommunications, but to pursue my creative passions as a web designer & developer, photographer, and technical consultant. The freedom to create and innovate, as opposed to always fixing broken things, just rings true with me, and has become a realization of what I have wanted to do for a living,

Of course, there is much more to my life besides just my career, but hey; how much can you really fit on a page?

- Ronin Dusette